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Julius holland

Julius Holland more than just a brand

Julius Holland was established in 2002 by a family owned business. This company has more than 85 years of experience into the African fabric market. Julius Holland as brand is been evolved to high premium quality African wax print brand. Since the beginning until today the brand established its name as a very luxury quality African wax print.

Julius Holland is a brand for the young, energetic and modern women and men. The brand Julius Holland is obtainable for the women and men who would like to be both fashionable as with respect to their culture, heritage and traditions. Besides for those who would like to express themselves with their own personal identity and expression of what they would want to be, Julius Holland is sufficient and ready to use in your own way.

Julius Holland wax fabrics also known as Julius Holland Atampa or Julius Holland Ankara are very easy to use as uniform for agbada/groups or to use for all-day skirt shirt or dress.
The Julius Holland fabrics offers you best quality price ratio in the world. Julius Holland as brand is more than only a brand of African wax prints. Julius Holland guarantees soft cotton premium quality fabrics, modern and traditional prints, tasteful and vibrant designs for everyone.

Julius Holland fabrics are made to be wearable both daily use as for any special occasion like weddings, birthdays and other celebrations. Julius Holland is the brand to use for Agbada uniform dressing what is mainly used for occasions like weddings and other parties but it can also be used for a daily dress.

Julius Holland fabrics are made from sketch till packed in-house by the team of Julius Holland. Our main goal since the beginning of Julius Holland is to get the best price/quality ratio wax prints accessible all over the world. Julius Holland is unique by using long established experience in the market of African fabrics with personal sense of culture, traditions and modern behaviour of each type of client all over the world. Julius Holland is easy to use and ready to wear. Women and men they can dress themselves in our beautiful vibrant fabrics every day with their own personal creations. All Julius Holland fabrics are made with premium quality materials, like premium cotton and cotton satin